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Cocaine was first developed as a pain reliever and was derived from coca leaves. Most of the time, the powder in the nasal tissues is sniffed into the circulation. It can also be eaten or frozen in the gums. Abusers inject the drug faster into the bloodstream, but this dramatically raises the risk of overdosing. It absorbed quickly as fumes or vapors, posing a reduced health risk than injection. Cocaine is one of man’s most dangerous medicines, as well as one of the most addicting. It has proven physically and psychologically impossible to break free from the medication’s grip once someone begins taking it. Physically, it stimulates major receptors in the brain (nerve endings that detect body changes), resulting in a euphoria to which users quickly adapt. Higher doses and frequent use are required to achieve the same result. Cocaine is becoming a multibillion-dollar worldwide business. Users include eight-year-old pupils of various genders, occupations, and socioeconomic levels. Cocaine usage can result in death due to an inability to breathe correctly, a stroke, a brain hemorrhage, or a heart attack. You can get cocaine for sale online.

How Cocaine is used medically

Cocaine is a very strong topical anesthetic. In fact, the US Head and Neck Surgery Academy of Otolaryngology finds cocaine to be a safe anesthetic and vasoconstriction drug for use in a patient’s care. Indeed, no drug combines the vasoconstriction and anesthetic properties of cocaine. There are now several sources to buy cocaine online. This is not surprising, as cocaine is a relative of the chemical and lidocaine is anesthetic during
treatment and major surgeries.  As an anesthesiologist propitious drug, Cocaine is also used in upper respiratory tract procedures. Cocaine often shrinks the mucous membranes beyond anesthesia and upper respiratory tract vasoconstriction.

Origin of Cocaine

Coca is any of the four cultivated plants in the family Erythroxylaceae, native to western South America. Coca is known for its psychoactive alkaloid, cocaine.The plant is grown as a cash crop in Argentine Northwest, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, even in areas where its cultivation is unlawful. There are some reports that the plant is being cultivated in the south of Mexico as an alternative to smuggling its recreational product cocaine. It also plays a role in many traditional Andean cultures as well as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The cocaine alkaloid content of dry Erythroxylum coca var. coca leaves was measured ranging from 0.23 % to 0.96 %. The Coca tribe of Jalisco and Nayarit, Mexico, use it as a stimulant. Coca-Cola used coca leaf extract in its products from 1885 until about 1903. Extraction of cocaine from coca requires several solvents and a chemical process known as an acid-base extraction, which can fairly easily extract the alkaloids from the plant.

How much does a gram of cocaine cost?

The price per gram of Cocaine is determined by 3 key factors. The demand , the quality of the cocaine and the time and place. But generally a gram of pure cocaine should range anything within $80 to $300 depending on the 3 key factors mentioned above




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